Solar, fresh and chic perfumes, inspired by French Riviera.

Rivæ captures the elegance, beauty and vibrant energy of the French Riviera, and puts them into solar, fresh and optimistic fragrances.

All inspired by unique places, intense experiences lived on the French Riviera… A stroll at dawn on the Promenade des Anglais, in Nice, between sea spray and palm trees. A liberating dip in the Mediterranean, on a scorching day. The festive and flowery frenzy of southern Carnivals. The legendary Croisette and its movie stars …

Prepare for a real olfactory journey, combining the freshness of citrus fruits and the seductive and emblematic scents of the region.

Rivæ benefits from the 70 years of know-how of a historic perfume house.
Our eau de toilette are made from the highest quality raw materials, and guaranteed to be free from colorants and UV filters. And manufactured on the French Riviera, of course.

All fragrances are priced at 24€ (30ml), 29€ (50ml) and 39€ (100ml).

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